The latter is the fifth longest non-polar glacier in the world at 56 km,and reaches very near to the highway. The out-and-back hike along its course offers spectacular scenery including some 14 peaks higher than 7000 metres, the incredible Batura ‘Wall’ and one of the most scenically set villages you will ever see, the seasonal hamlet of Yashpirt . 3. It is just north of the massifs of Batura, at 7,795 m, and Passu, at 7,500 m. The glacier flows west to east. A. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "passus" Flickr tag. Trekking back to Yashpirth can be done in a day, rest overnight and back to passu village. The latter is the fifth longest non-polar glacier in the world at 56 km, (Citation needed) and reaches very near to the highway. It flows west to east. Batura Glacier(Urdu: بتورا گلیشیر‎), 57 kilometres (35 mi) long, is one of the largest and longest glaciers outside of the polar regions and it feeds the Batura Lake. Mountains and Glaciers Mountains and Glaciers in Pakistan General Knowledge Mcqs Quiz about Highet , lowest, Biggest and smallest Mountains of Pakistan. Pak Study Mcqs , Get Complete Mcqs of Pakistan Studies for NTS,FPSC, PPSC,SPSC,CSS,PMS Test Preparation. The total height of Siachen glacier is _____. 4680 Identify the second highest Glacier of the world ? Batura Glacier: At 53 km in length, the Batura Glacier is up there with the biggest in the world. What is the length of Baltur Glacier is? The glacier flows west to east. 61 km. 15.LadyFinger peak. A. Batura glacier is situated in the north of Passu and the length is 56 kilometers. The aggregate zone of Batura Glacier is 290 Square Kilometers and 58 kilometers long. Next morning, final Trek to Lupdor which is the end of Batura Glacier, it's a small trek of 4 to 5 hours. The Lake lies in the Gojal region of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. Answer-2nd Lakes . Holiday Itinerary. 60km: B. Mcq Added by: admin. 21000 feet. 27.34. Length (in km): 60.50. * Batura (idem) 58 kms * Tasman (New-Zélande) 28 kms * Aletsch (Switzerland) 24,7 kms * Ngojumba (Népal) 22 kms * Mer de Glace (France) 12 kms. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The Batura is 58 km in length. Batura Glacier trek is an incredibly beautiful trek of such scenery. .Tupopdan, 6,106 metres (20,033 ft), also known as “Passu Cones” or “Passu Cathedral”, lies to the north of the village; it is the most photographed peak of the region.Also nearby are the high peaks of Passu sir and shispare and Batura peak 1st. 20000 feet. 57km; 59 km; 60km; 90km اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں. Breathe taking views, beautiful Yaks walking around, very peaceful and life changing experience! Batura likewise was known as Batura Sar at the tallness of 7,795 meters (25,574 ft) is the tenth most elevated mountain in Pakistan and 25th most noteworthy on Earth, and the 57 kilometers (35 miles) in length Batura Glacier is considered as the fifth … 62km C. 65km D. 70km. Breathe taking views, beautiful Yaks walking around, very peaceful and life changing experience! Batura glacier : By its size (56 km length, 2,5 km broad and 220 km2), Batura glacier can be compare with Hispar, Biafo and Baltoro glaciers. North route along batura glacier path. It runs through part of the Karakoram mountain range. Day. slight increase in mass of ne wly formed lake at the terminus of . 15000 feet. Hispar. Batura trek can be done in 5 days but of course one can stay as long as they want. Batura Glacier, with a length of 59.2 km, has a total area of 285 km2 • The snow line in the drainage basin ranges from 4 700 to 5 300 m a.s.l. Batura Glacier . 63 km. 59 km. Next morning, final Trek to Lupdor which is the end of Batura Glacier, it's a small trek of 4 to 5 hours. 17680 Pak Study Mcqs. Baltoro. The trek gives you breathtaking panoramic views of many peaks like Ultar Peak (7388 m), Shispar Peak (7611 m) Passu Peak (7284 m) and Batura SAR (7785 m). The length of Baltur Glacier is _____ ? 23,000 feet C. 25,000 feet D. 27,000 feet. 1. Lalusar lake is located at? Siachen Glacier The Siachen measures approximately 75km in length and 4.8km in width, and rises to about 4,800m. The length of Siachen Glacier is _____ . The trek starts from the Pasu (254m) and ends at Gutshem. its length is about 57km and spread over 285 sq km, Batura is 5th longest Glacier outside the polar regions. Answer-Batura 7th What is the number of the siachen glaciers in the world? BATURA GLACIER PASSU. Pakistan’s glacier covers 13,680 sq km, as a matter of fact 37 percent of KarKaram are is covered by glacier. Name the longest glacier of Pakistan? crest zone south of the Batura glacier, north of the Hispar, Panmah, Baltoro, and Siachen glaciers, and along the watershed between the Nubra and upper Shyok rivers. Religiously they are Ismaili Muslim, the total population of Passu village is 1050 with 115 Households. 20,000 feet B. Engilchek Glacier . It lies very near the tongue of the Passu Glacier, and just south of the tongue of the Batura glacier. The Baltoro Muztagh lies to the south and east of the glacier, while the Masherbrum Mountains lie to the south. At 35 miles long, the Batura Glacier is one of the world’s longest outside of the polar districts. On the Glacier wild alpine flowers filled meadows, birch trees and where roses and juniper trees are common. 2nd. 17000 feet. A. 6. 57 km. The final part of the glacier is highly dangerous: its surge, jerked and rapid is dangerous for the Karakoram Highway and the access to the Khunjerab Pass and push back the Hunza river against its left bank with the risk to close it. 75km: C. 50km: D. 80km View Answer Workspace Report Discuss in Forum. gations in the Batura Glacier region from April 1974 to November 1975, and May to December 1978. During the expedition, we found some very interesting phenomena on the avalanches and ogives of the glacier. Length of Batura glacier. The people are Wakhi and speak the Wakhi Language. Batura. 7. Answer-Hindu Kash 4th 'Total length of Siachen Glacier?
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