Hi Dave. What’s that? Honeymoon atmosphere not needed, nor wild party scene. August means the Moon Festival. The best time to visit Greece based on the optimal combination of good weather, fewer crowds, and when to book for the cheapest flights. You may be wondering just what to pack for Greece. The 10 Best Greek Islands To Visit in 2020, 19 Best Things to do in Paros, Greece • Paros Island Travel Guide, Traveling to Greece? The average temperature of the sea is around 20°C, but there’s not much heat in the air to cool off from, so you probably won’t want to be venturing into it all that much. Things warm up in March after a relatively mild winter (for Europe, that is). Not sure if you can weigh in on whether we will feel like we are having a romantic time if we stay in Naxos, but I’d appreciate your insight. Certainly be prepared for a little rain but you’ll likely get good sightseeing weather in Athens and Santorini. Paula. Greece Weather in January-February : With the air being damp (Humidity is 76%) and temperature being as low as -0℉ , you can expect cold weather on your visit to Greece in these months. I was thinking thinking Corfu for one of our destinations… we are thinking about last week of July for timing. Here are a few of our favorite travel towels. Hey Dave! If you are thinking about when to go to Greece then, come visit Greece at it's best time where you can make a memorable experience without having to worry about small issues. Want to fit in in Greece? June sees the highest daily average hours of sunshine, and it’s this time of year that beaches start to get busy. The sea begins to get more bearable at a not-freezing 19°C. For my holiday, my partner and I are planning the following however I am having a few issues/queries. It celebrates the full moon, naturally, and people all over come out from their houses for parties in town squares. Easter in Greece is a big thing and travel and accommodation in Greece can be a small challenge during this time (so do book in advance). Thessaloniki has a two-week wine festival, for example, Corinth has a lively grape festival, and there are lots of local wine festivals in villages such as Ambelona. To avoid the crowds and the intense heat of the Mediterranean country, the best time to visit Greece in 2021 for weather is May and October. Also any advice on whether to explore Athens first or fly to an island first? Pam Wagner. What do you suggest? Best Time to Visit Greece for Good Weather: May to October has lots of sunny weather. This is the shoulder season, and visiting during this time enables you to escape the crowds and the sky-high prices of travelling in the peak summer months. The best weather in Greece is from late April to early November when there is lots of sunshine and little rain. If you can only visit one island then Santorini is definitely the highlight – especially in April when it’s not beach weather (Santorini’s views are great year-round). Both are great. In the island of Hydra, the celebrations end with a light show and the burning of a boat. Hi Dave, Little rain, too, which is always lovely. The average hours of sunshine per day are still only about three, which isn’t very fun at all. The Chase Sapphire Preferred has a generous signup bonus of 60,000 points that has plenty of flexibility in redemption options. Hi Dave, great site!! The best time to visit Greece for sailing is during the first week of April right through November’s mid-week. People take to the streets and wave flags. Do you know the exact times? Nice beaches are a plus, but subordinate to great local experience. Temperatures are warm but not stifling, and you’ll find that destinations are open Hi there! This all depends on where you’re heading to the beach, but a portable Bluetooth speaker is great to have when you’re in a group. In Athens, temperatures can easily hit highs of around 33°C, and it rarely drops below 24°C. Prices on accommodation and car rentals will drop during this time. I am going to be in Greece (Athens & Santorini) during part of Holy Week (18 Apr to 24 Apr) and trying to sort out the best timing for my locations. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Greece is either late Spring/early Summer (May and early June) or mid/late September. Thanks for all of the great info that you provide! November is usually perfect for sightseeing, hiking, food, wine, and local music. thanks so much! Marie Finn. Forget swimming in the seas though; they’re still very cold. See Also: Crete Family Hotels, Rhodes Family Hotels, and Mykonos Family Hotels. The end of November can be pretty rainy, and temperatures drop a little to around 14°C. From April to the beginning of June, the heat of summer has not yet set in and the cruise ships have not arrived with their thousands of tourists. The village of Pyrgos on Santorini is also an Easter highlight. It’s not as busy as the summertime, but you’ll still see lots of travelers lingering about. Budget is not a constraint in terms of 2 days for the hotel. January is the coldest month Greece has to offer, but February is a close second place. Or vice versa? The most depressing part is the hours of sunshine, which fall to around three hours a day. Fragrant and multi-hued, the last month of spring is quite inexpensive and crowd-free to visit the Greek mainland and the archaeological sites. Things are inching towards what we’d consider ‘warm,’ and you’ll see around ten hours of sunshine a day. The temperatures are still pretty decent, however. Days are longer, the weather is HOT, so you’ll want to be close to a pool or ocean. Amit. We were thinking Crete, but where in Crete would you recommend? Spring and Autumn are warm, but not too warm, so it’s great for couples who want to do outdoor activities. My husband and I are thinking of taking a trip but would have to go in mid to late March. Would Naxos be a good option? The week preceding Easter is indeed Holy Week (it translates as ‘Big Week’ in Greek) and it is marked by a series of church events each evening prior to the midnight Resurrection on the Eve of Easter Sunday. Does Crete connect with Folegandros as I could do Crete – Folegandros – Mykonos? I’m planning a trip to Greece with my husband, 6 year old and 17 year old in mid April. May, early June, September, and October will provide pleasant temperatures and fewer people. Spending a summer on one of the many Greek islands? Athens is a good place for this when people perform under the moonlight in places like the Acropolis. Beach-goers are out in full force. For swimming On this page, you will find information about the climate and the best time to visit Greece. The rest of the time, it will be pretty cloudy. Yikes. Hey Dave, The cheapest time to visit Greece is in the low season. Is that true? I’m looking to plan a 7-10 day trip no kids, do you have a suggestion for itineraries? This is the start of summer, and it’s sunny pretty much every single day. On this site, you’ll find our experiences, photography, and informative travel guides. Sightseeing is good in March. Spring and Autumn are warm, but not too warm, so it’s great for couples who want to do outdoor activities. We are planning an 8-day trip from NYC to Greece Oct. 28 – Nov. 5. You will need to duck and weave and in the case of the Plakias to Paleochora stretch there is not even a road: transport here is by coastal ferry (or you have to go drive all the way to the north coast and then back down another road). Accommodation is easy to find and often at a much discounted rate during this period. If you’re open to something on the mainland then do an overnight trip from Athens to Nafplio. The Hellenic Highspeed which leaves Mykonos at 10:15. Will that be during Easter in Greece and if so how will that affect our trip? What is Folegandros famous for? Athens’ average temperature is 20°C, but after dark, it still drops quite a bit to 10°C. Hi Dave, The weather in Greece is cooler during these months, some would consider it much more comfortable than prime summertime weather. With 7 or 8 nights I’m thinking 2 locations. The days can be pretty overcast, it can rain quite a lot, and the seas can be quite cold. So here are a few tips for places that offer a mixture of creature comfort, beach, places to eat and offer accessibility. I need a compromise and hope you can help. Shoulder months (before June and after September) are especially charming as the Greek mainland empties out a little from the summer crowds, making for a more enjoyable trip.
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