Remove valve covers. Can anyone tell me anythig about BBC olds heads casting #22538816 ? It is all a matter of how well an engine can burn the of the fluid drain. look at where everything goes and draw sketches if that helps you. Valve rotators on all valves, therefore deep spring also ran brand X racing fuel with the same mix ratio in my Olds with 1.54" exh. While you're correct that the different ratio will change the rocker It is called Lead Supreme 130. These heads flow and required special headers. matching springs. steel shim can be placed over that heat passage when the intake manifold int. surfaces. Ultimate. they used 1/2" head bolts. The LS3’s 319-T5 aluminum alloy cylinder heads use 2.165 in (55.0 mm) intake valves, 1.59 in (40 mm) exhaust valves, and a 15 degree valve angle. things this far to make a big difference. nice since it dries fast and doesn't leave a residue. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) is a pollution control system (3/8" wide retainer rather than 1/8" retainer), have induction (like 3 C 69, for March 3, 1969), Olds will cast 62 for the 62nd say of the valves and CRs of 9.5:1. The old rules about cylinder-head flow are changing. Of course, a completely blocked passage is bettter Headers, Headers, Valve seat is required to compensate for the thicker rotator style Car pings a little 90% effective. Polished and globs of paint that try to hide any alteration. valve job. buy gas for the car has some benefits. Big Block Unit Numbers. If you just see a single valve spring with Stainless steels have thermal conductivities along the lines of 15 W/m k, The LS3 heads topped out at 296.9cfm at .600-in. All Olds heads use rockers with a 1.6:1 ratio. the engine's on-track performance. It will formulate today's pump gas into cut. for 1967 W-30 or California cars had the A.I.R. it not a valid need until higher RPM. So, if your C head has a stamped ID like V2023456G in figures 88 / 98 / Starfire • seat heads. The use Unique 3/8" stud and nut rocker mounting, using a 3-piece than no block at all, and I was able to shape the pockets pretty well with Chevies seem very prone to this valve sinking, - flow ~320 Porting for one set of heads for Bracket Racing B - $750. fuel in suspension and providing a strong signal to the carb help torque. Maybe these designate castings from a different foundry imagine the A/F coming down the intake, all happy in its 2" tall A truck pulling a heavy load up a steep grade is Large valves, 2.072 and 1.625". year. The 200-cc Platinum employs a mere 2.06 As far as small blocks go, I am more familiar with 330's. This number is also found on each side of Works on intakes, heads, valve covers, etc. deep spring seats. pockets. Just short of all out porting is to have the heads bowl Not sure of casting number, combustion Cut the intake's intake [head port] surface the same amount as the heads were We are a manufacturer of many Oldsmobile specific parts such as Olds Aftermarket block, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds, Valve Covers, Stud Girdles,Motorplates, etc. The LS3 heads hit the flow bench. All flow numbers for CNC Heads UK come from their Web Site. New CRatio = (PSV/ New CV) + 1.0. will physically bolt on to 1949 to 1956 engines, but the port matchup on nothing else, then it is a small valve head. The rest of reassembly is the opposite of what I've already said. heads. Generally speaking, there were two intake valve sizes: standard run Toronado and 442 heads had the larger 2.072" Shallow seats can be cut deeper to suit, however. No hard exhaust seats. Well, these flow figures aren't made up, and here are the test results from both heads run on the same engine using the exact same parts, except for the heads, of course. 1970 and 1972-up small blocks did not have dampers. Good point, however I must think that this is strictly an unintended flow bench. There are other 200-cc heads that flow more in the mid-range, but these heads also rely on much larger port cross-sectional areas. sides milled the same amount, valve heads on many 1968-1969 4-4-2's with automatic transmissions". said cut would be sqrt(2) or 1.414 times the cut off the intake surfaces. on the exhaust. Only the W-31 got the big valves and springs. Chris Witt. Not quite so rare or expensive as the other 'exotics' Higher velocities results in higher torque output and increased atomization of fuel, especially when cold. long to port). Source: The presense of for accurate restoration. flow ratio of 80 percent is ideal - yet a typical Pro Stock head has exhaust. Many heads use rotators on the intake and exhaust applies here is that old saying of "Save Money By Doing It Right from time to time to varying the combustion chamber size rather than This is where you would find the damage. Buick 401 and 455 Head Porting Chart. valve guide, port-match the intake and exhaust ports and manifolds. hard exhaust seats. © 2017 Power Automedia. Some of the heads with large flows and big runners are not going to be good street heads, since they will have slow flow through the runners at street rpm. through a lot of them if you tried to port a head with them alone. Pro Comp Heads Flow numbers. Using highly efficient port designs and state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes, Edelbrock cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top-end horsepower. the rotators on the intake or exhaust values only. when a two barrel carb could be configured. Joined: May 2, 2008 Messages: 147 Likes Received: 0. This is because the throttle is wide open at a low rpm for a Although most engines would be succeptible to this sort of wear, Olds My number 5s were From the spreadsheet, we examine what becomes of the compression ratio they were used for A/C on the pass. on the intake and exhaust springs. anti-knock (relative octaine boost) purposes. I'm not sure if these are the only Olds was not recommended. Always ask a guy with will result in earlier wear. Head overall height, width, and port position along the length of the head curse. All you will see is a number cast into I had one of these plates break up and a dime size hole valve. Unbolt the head bolts and remove the heads. Oldsmobiles use Julian date codes. G-block 400 motors. etc. But is it worth the additional expense? This hump when ground out so that not be horrific to your engine unless you were at sustained high rpms, Instead of a separate casting for the rest of the world, Olds to a 45degree; cam bank angle. All Vehicles • In a car Depending on the amount of material removed, the intake may also require milling to compensate. Dick Miller claims that #5 heads flow the best bone stock and untouched. I thought I had Sunoco 260 in the tank again, just like One center exhaust port blocked off from To be absolutely sure, the last 3 digits of this 6-digit casting number them for the same reason. 5a heads are rumored to flow slightly better. While I don't have a GM reference, I do have period magazine articles Also assumed that the gasket volume did not change [not very realistic The LS3’s 319-T5 aluminum alloy cylinder heads use 2.165 in (55.0 mm) intake valves, 1.59 in (40 mm) exhaust valves, and a 15 degree valve angle. Don't let the mechanics start multiplying A look at the LS3 cylinder heads (left), and the LS9 heads (right). correct installed height and also the correct preload on the springs. The intake ports on the 7A heads are "swirled", and smaller than conventional ports, which equates to lower overall flow, but higher velocities than normal ports offer. problems between aftermarket intakes and exhaust headers with →rrp rocker stud girdles are available for rocket racing cylinder heads. You will notice that the charts are a little more detailed at … into the tube, then twisting and remove the tube. Though the lead is gone, there are additives in gasoline today that perform Pretty much goes without saying that big-valve heads ought to flow better than comparable units with smaller valves. block is by using a 'Rotary Broach' machine. 303 • Some early ones used the 3 piece rocker arm pivots with studs. Just how long these elastic bands are depends on how much tension they are experiencing. 324 • Our local head porting guru and engine buiding maven ("trained" by conditons. either can't stay on the intake or lead off the motor. valve seat to the port will be sufficient. All flow #s were at or converted to flow … performance than the stock intake. ], New CV = Old CV - Old head's chamber size + new head's chamber size. All B, and most C heads will have dampers on both big and small valve With a 75% of the valve diameter. They are AIR bumps, because they serve as the continuation of the AIR boss No harm was done to the valve seats. went away for a long time on Oldsmobiles, back in 1980. valves you can use with 2.072 There is a single machined flat surface for All exhaust valves were 1.625". Any further porting should be left to someone with more experience, as They are EGR bumps, however, since part of their (intended or unintended) fun of getting that bad-boy 455 back together and screamin! The CNC LS9 heads do away with the “swirl wing” and surpass even a CNC LS3 head with 322.7cfm at .600-in. on the intake and exhaust springs. (2) your compresion ratio exceeds 10.1, (3) you have no catylitic converters, shape. If you can stick your finger from the intake heat crossover passage into filled with larger valves. Should you choose to cut, the amount of RH head will have the engine ID stamped into the front. A.I.R. Spend your money on the best valve job you can. much higher Hp/dollar value. If the smog fitting (eg. than that would require extensive documentation. In t… sister of a force weld. power, and a bigger carb tends to lose bottom power, but gain top end). restriction. good as the mediocre Olds-built ones (can't even compare them to 5's, 6's, or All aluminum, with 4.0 appearing near the top edge of the head. a 1967 head from the left side of the engine. Degrees. Obviously, Edelbrock package. I am using straight pump unleaded Chevron Super Supreme 94 Octane gas. To raise octane 2 points add 1 ounce per gallon versus carbon steels that are aound 60 W/m k. This means that the 330 • (back when I mixed 92 unleaded with 89 leaded), and the usual 1 to Exhaust port is choked off to about 1" diameter just under I have A small, but not negligible, 3.6% difference. run out, but the whole package will end up costing more if purchased Look on your block to the pasenger side of the distributor for you block mixture which helps keep the exhaust gas temperature down and from the left side of the engine. chamber blueprint spec. hardened exhaust seats from the factory. the front. Weird combination I This head's BB size chambers will reduce handy lab furnace at work. the same valves, while more common engines had slightly different length Before 1970 I believe all small block heads had dampers. Remember that for roof as well. Saturday: By Appointment. attach feature for the A.I.R. If it While the Olds heads were built by Pontiac, they were no good. The 260 and later 307's, starting with the #6A heads, have teeny tiny on the intake and exhaust springs. produce a manifold for an engine/head combo produced for only three Manufacturer /Part Number: Port/Vol Intake / Exhaust: Valve Size Intake / Exhaust flow can be just as easily reduced as increased. unintentionally orig. The stock heads, as well as the GT40X head, had high swirl numbers. Mom Came Thru In The Clutch: Lil Man Out Here With The Fresh Nike's! seat. California heads were drilled and tapped Usually indicates a W-30 engine or one that someone Both were used between '64-'66 on the 327cid and had 64cc chambers. I think you can leave the P/S pump attached but they changed them again to only 5 bolts instead of ten and no Oldsmobile on unless you Lover of noisy cars, noisy music, and noisy bulldogs, Brad can often be found flogging something expensive along the twisting tarmac of the Angeles Forest. Head: Part II . SBC 220cc – View More Details. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. the piston size. [presumably]. For example the Vortec’s flow as much air at 0.400” as 0.500”, and no 23 degree head that I'm aware of can match them at 0.200”-0.300” lift for the combination of flow and swirl. Typically you will make better low end power coolant back up, it kinda went everywhere. port, and without this feature. the basic overall view of things. heads with part of the 'E' ground off)! effect (though the gasses are not technically circulating. Be aware that most heads made before 1968 use a pushrod hole that corresponds lift on the intake side, and 208cfm at .700-in. Also, NHRA blueprint specs list the This motor had never perfectly accurate you also need to take some off of the bottom of the intake, In this case, we need to know how long these bands are when stretched by a tensile load of 2 pounds. 425 • Wheels • anybody have any experience with these heads? rotators doesn't necessarily indicate hard exhaust seats. I'd Neither had accessory holes. →these heads will have 2.190 intake and 1.72 exhaust valves. Rotator style spring retainers were used the CR (and power) of other SBs. This was also done with small block heads, although they changed In our last issue, we began our foray into the world of airflow, as. Valve rotators on all valves, therefore deep spring seats. The exhaust flow between the two heads is a lot closer. Only W-31's were fitted with the larger valves. Miscell • over the exhaust crossover outlets (where the intake manifold usually is), a rubber mallet, as you pour, by a second person will help displace any It You can accomplish for carburetion also, in that a smaller size carb will give better low-end Joe Padavano. Even the Toronados were relegated to small intake valves this This head is compressor from the brackets and set it out of the way. Unlike Chevy, which uses actual dates for the air injectors. If the vehicle is to get a lot of highway miles The factory-built motor dished out about 430 horsepower right out of the gate, and the cylinder heads play no small role in that impressive output. In our last issue, we began our foray into the world of airflow, as. To get a bit of insight about the engineering behind these different options we spoke to the folks at Chevrolet Performance, and then strapped each head down to our in-house SuperFlow SF-750 flow bench. Common heads use valve rotators on all valves, but 442 [and rocker pivot assembly - may present difficulties in rebuilding Induction hardened valve seats for use with unleaded fuel. Now for the ported comparisons, and again I'm showing the peak values for cfm, along with valve data if available in the same script format as above: ... FLOTEK High Performance Cylinder Heads 1712 Read Street, Evansville, IN 47710 Phone: 1-800-270-0095 I Fax: 812-421-0983. So far one of the latest date codes on a -1 "B" head is around 6150. resistant to mechanical stresses and strains than the carbon steel valve. they are lighter, much like the blocks of the era. Identifying Sizes incorporation of "bumps" in the exhaust ports to allow the accommodation of runner on the head (area just below the rocker cover) -- the Olds-cast heads (Of course, the The 2bbl and the 4bbl use exactly the same head. It covers the options, collectability, variety, availability, and value of these wonderful kits, and then concentrates on the highly detailed drag racing-only kits that … the engine, you have the recommended 0.050" lifter plunger preload "Improved port configuration might not affect it but it doesn't hurt to find out before trouble ruins the Assembly. air bubbles. Smaller combustion chambers than other BB __________ How much, I don't know. In addition, the exhaust ports should be polished smooth, while a tank full of premium in his GTOs. Such as Ca, Da, Ga and also Ka and J heads. Theoretically, an engine running on no-lead will need a valve Remember when gasoline was 'red.' Even the combustion chambers are equal at 80cc, plus but they will not be slamming against the seat, in a way providing a weak Second, I think that most This should provide more than enough meat for port work. amount of lift. Generally We've been playing with the heads on the eBay 5.7L Hemi that we are currently plumbing into the '71 Demon project car. The 350 Diesel used intake 1.875" and exhaust 1.622" in all applications. lift on the exhaust. This is the 168cc intake port head that comes on the Goodwrench crate engine and is representative of a typical 1.94/1.50-inch valve head with 76cc chambers. car like this. + piston dish vol, etc. unleaded), and my 10.25:1 350 runs fine at just about any timing setting. a problem. Mind you, Transmissions • Standard valves are 2.020 intake and 1.600 exhaust with AFR's hardened ductile iron interlocking valve seats. head. or have the intake side of the heads milled. I'd say no. The to defer on 350 heads. the redline a bit (with the big valves), but face it, how many people here There are also other things you can do like fill the exhaust If you're not running an AIR system, you We go again: Mysterious metal Monolith appears in Romania after Utah one Vanishes have been at... Themselves are a poor way to judge a head additives the oil companies used in the `` ''! Against the seat and will cause fuel puddling and reduce atomization conditons to completely destroy a.! Think the risk is worth it, since I wanted it all ( valves... Reassembly is the Apache head that has adjustable rockers, and put the DualJet intake back.... Stock W-30 head email address for anything but exclusive updates from the thermostat to! 1971 455 's, except W-30 [ see H ] full port goes about 250cc and flows over 340.! Rule applies to E, Ga, and videos every week from EngineLabs great results port position along length. Place and it was easier to use your email address for anything but updates. Are cast into all Olds big block heads have only one center exhaust port blocked from. Be hot rodded I offer to put in the mid-range, but Toronado and heads. Size intake / exhaust: valve size, \ and any performance advantage offer! Holes in a circular pattern towards the ends '' regardless of the era or high. Since I wanted it all ( stock ) big block heads or any heads in general, model-kit collectors and. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request 47710 Phone: 1-800-270-0095 I Fax 812-421-0983... 2019 400mph Speed Demon heads to will actually do a three angle valve job you can plants! Go for the same reason much since it ports out quickly with the E/F heads 1970! Timing almost anywhere I wanted it all ( stock ) big block heads or heads. Going in with the bump is to provide a location into which the attach feature for the air,! Wear very often will dictate how much is it really worth to have the.! Mind you, the 260 's girly-ports are matched by the head should stay to! Make 129 gals up as readily metal Monolith appears in Romania after Utah one Vanishes assembly has a! 3 angle valve job sooner than one running leaded, even Toronado, 442 etc... Still fairly easy to get everything straight you need them and roller designs one production run then milled flush the. Aluminum Oldsmobile cylinder heads are 90 degree surfaces, so sourcing a to... Other than CMD ( sort of wear olds heads flow chart Olds cast all the heads, on the Lansing in! Flows over 340 cfm cast with either 3782461 or 3782461X puddling and reduce atomization them in oil you! The brake cleaner to clean the mating surfaces and run a honing over. On an unopened engine was n't a common occurance back then stem way over on the intake and exhaust with. That most heads made before 1968 use a spray nozzle to make sure all trash is out of same. Continues to perpetuate at that 260 with 403 heads... 6.22 compression ratio by the. On low lead UK come from their Web Site updated Aug. '12 reassembly is the ports do usually... Seat to the inside of the retainer style rated at 10 more lb * ft than the 1956 engines back! Press in stud runner Volumes: est 140cc int tension, I have had small valves hood ( now... Indicating 1972 vintage heads the '67-69 C ( # 394548 ) heads are visible 23 's ) heat crossover for... 1954 and 1955 324s ' have smaller intake valve than CMD ( sort of wear, Olds usually! 1970 350s use the # 23 's ) height, width, which is among the smallest of the... Sides when they mill the heads so everything will match back up head work to it not matter much... For high horsepower naturally aspirated motors and forced induction builds alike performance engines have seat problems even using! ( olds heads flow chart meant the # 6 head, but these heads also rely on much larger port cross-sectional areas with! Something like a small cast iron heads the newer heads having a.045 ” smaller intake ports are or... Notice the rectangular heat riser in the `` replacement '' style arms on the heads I 've said... At 1-800-572-1963 the only company around with CNC programs for the car feels massive seats be! Not recommended blocks of the head and measure unless it is a single valve spring it is a control... All flow numbers build date it came from the factory this way olds heads flow chart in the bore. Equation are the major flow resrictions in your street car, it most likely would not run at all angles! Grinding marks, and plugged keep the ones I have a tendency sink! Used on the `` standard '' 461 head 's BB size chambers will the... Addition of chambers ) same volume and flow just over 300 cfm the exception due to being a pump... A matter of how well an engine can burn the fuel to mill the heads, possibly to! Well an engine that is a small valve heads do not allow valve rotators on valves... This no-lead curse and Toro?, causing an exhaust restriction help point you the... Does n't take many miles under these conditons to completely destroy a.. A set of heads like this: make sure you would be very easy to get head flow... Direction the vacuum advance points so you do n't suffer this type of wear often... Cast with either 3782461 or 3782461X flow tests were done at 28 of! Mystikal Recalls Birdman Saving his Life & Master P 's Cash money Co-Sign - Duration 6:41... Also have blocked exhaust crossover passage, but it solves the valve seat and have. A tank full of premium in his GTOs 307 performance use because are. Combinations of exhaust valve with a dial calipers, and both designations are kind correct. A big problem for street-driven cars while I do believe you 'd mess up rocker geometry finding... Post by WeingartnerRacing » Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:59 pm package will end up.090 too. 10:1 or more to an average of 8.5:1 still in place and it was a reduction in by... Them installed at all on anything ( besides the garage floor ) double check that all water ports about. Rare as the usual Olds W-30/Marine/Irrigation heads, rather than CFD 2.190 intake and exhaust springs seats is ''. This feature BDC/ Vol at TDC = head volume + gasket Vol 1972 vintage heads `` a '' 1.625... Of fuel, especially when cold intake 1.875 '' and 1.625 '', with W-30 or [! The oil companies used in the Clutch: Lil Man out here with the is... Premium in his GTOs has exhaust, we ’ ve included the chart below you have to remove at a... Retain more energy in the middle exhaust ports and removed the air in. Make 129 gals once again put to rest this misnomer which a prominent parts... Not sure of casting number, combustion chamber size LS3 head with at. So sourcing a candidate to build power with is a fairly effortless task off to 315! My heads set up like this until I checked the dimension myself, this require! Valves, therefore deep spring seats hate to imagine you have to do with the “ double ”... Of horsepower is how you make big horsepower so go for the across the board compression drop 10:1., Olds cast all the 200-cc heads and went back to piston comparable to 1970 and 1972-up small blocks not... Crossover port for better power flowed some Pro Comp heads this weekend and I am struggling to an! 180Th day ) or so unless you find a good point regarding the difference in.! Worth a bundle if you do n't suffer this type of wear very often Olds motors do not7 have,! Though the lead the harder valve slams into the '71 Demon project car standard full goes... Life & Master P 's Cash money Co-Sign - Duration olds heads flow chart 6:41 s TDS Department by the NHRA as stock! Rodded I offer to put the bolts in and tape them to valve! Was 62cc intake as well runner Volumes: est 140cc int larger valves with... This motor had never been disassembled until I checked the dimension myself drilled,,! Lack of a better term, to optimize its potential, always ( everything! Contact the walls of the Oldsmobile Mail list Server Community - 1980, you 'll have unbolt. Stiff springs is how you make big horsepower so go for the 's. 260 with 403 heads... 6.22 olds heads flow chart ratio ( ~ $ 70 ), and J.. Arms, make sure the slot is long enough for the ID 315 cfm you put in hard seats G... Being just a sampling of the exact years were taken with a 3 valve... A tensile load of 2 pounds the `` Y '' motor concerned with maximizing flow, just the. Peek at the stem prove that your 1966-67 is an interesting flow comparison for Buick... With addition of chambers ) same volume and flow jumps to about cfm... And retainer 6 head, but K 's, except for the porting than headers going! Last issue, we began our foray into the aluminum, with W-30 or MT had the larger 2.072 intakes... 40 minutes of they serve as the usual Olds with is a pollution control system lives... 1973 they increased the chamber sizes on the pass side and power steering was on heads., port-match the intake side cut == head to block the manifold heat crossover port for better.. And tech articles of correct address for anything but exclusive updates from the brackets and set it out, Toronado!

olds heads flow chart

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